“I can say with confidence that this is a great thing for the Land Cruiser/Toyota community. It’s good to see business as usual here with Onur. He understands the circuitous path that Toyota parts in the US take, how to source them, how to obtain them and how to communicate all your project needs beyond just the right parts.”
R.C, Atlanta, GA
“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing the consulting work on my 2UZFE swap into my 80 Series. It’s a rarity to find people in this business that truly look out for their customers. Your technical expertise was paramount in selecting the appropriate component upgrades while still maintaining the financial integrity of the project. You also went above and beyond with communication especially with the 2UZFE short block coming all the way from Japan.

Another point I’d like to make was the peace of mind you afforded me knowing that you had everything under control. From personally delivering my truck to Christo at Slee to technical questions along the way, your knowledge of the Toyota platform is by far the best I have ever experienced. Thank you for taking this journey with me and making it just fantastic.

Please feel free to send my comments to any customers and have them contact me if they want to speak directly about your services. You have a customer for life!”

John Gobbels 1997 Toyota Collectors Edition – Slee 2UZFE 4.7L V8 Boltripper on Ih8mud
“When it comes time, which is more often now that my 1999 100-Series Toyota Land Cruiser has 240k miles on her, I source all my parts from Onur Azeri at Land Cruiser Parts and Consulting LLC (aka “beno” on IH8MUD).

This isn’t the way it always was: I’ve purchased from other Toyota parts suppliers only to have precious parts arrive damaged because they had not been packed properly and/or the wrong parts sent altogether. Its reassuring knowing Onur is a Land Cruiser (as well as other Toyota platforms) expert and treats his vocation with the professionalism it deserves.

The discount from MSRP that Onur provides is one incentive; however, for me, the most important aspect of dealing with Onur is his vast knowledge base of the specialty parts I typically need as well as conscience attention to detail with regard to packing precious/easily damaged parts by the carriers: Worth it and necessary!”

Dan Streight, Sparks, NV
“What do you get when your order a part for your Toyota Land Cruiser? Normally you give a credit card number and a few days later a part shows up at your door with a receipt. There are no instructions, tips, tricks, advice, or well wishes. So what makes one vendor better than the other? Knowledge, advice, and level of service. That is truly the formula for Land Cruiser Parts and Consulting. The man behind it is Onur Azeri.

He has been a fixture in the Land Cruiser community for over 15 years. His wealth of knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond is truly unmatched. He has the ability to turn a simple transaction into a learning experience that will guide you on your repair. If you are in need of a more in-depth consultation he can provide you the knowledge and advice to make an informed decision about your purchase, restoration, or heavy repair.

He is absolutely the go-to authority for all things Land Cruiser.”

Sam Stewart, Director of Fixed Operations, Toyota South Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
Onur is my go-to source for OEM Toyota parts and advice regarding my trucks. He is a walking encyclopedia of Land Cruiser knowledge.

I am not a customer of Land Cruiser Parts and Consulting LLC – I’m a client. Difference being, Onur does not simply take and fulfil my order request, he has patiently listened to my vision for my vehicles, assisted with building a plan to achieve my objectives and helped with parts procurement and implementation. I would not purchase another Land Cruiser, consider a build, or embark on a restoration without Onur’s counsel.

I’m lucky enough to live near Onur and have hired him to work on my 2 Land Cruisers as well – parts expert, consultant and Land Cruiser mechanic !

I count Onur as a huge asset to the Land Cruiser community.

Tyson Rising BJ73 UZJ100 Atlanta, GA
Onur is incredibly knowledgeable about all models of Land Cruisers, even to the point of knowing many specific part numbers off the top of his head. If you want assurances that you’re getting the correct parts and advice for your vehicle you simply can’t go wrong with Onur.
Dr. Tom Ferrin, University of California, San Francisco
We all know the importance of picking the right tool for the job.

Before starting any project on my Cruiser, the first tool I reach for is Onur. Yes, I just called Onur a tool – but hear me out! He has proven to be an invaluable resource when it comes to sourcing OEM parts for my truck. The man lives and breathes Toyota Land Cruiser parts and part numbers. Toyota parts excite him. Toyota parts complete him. When I need OEM parts for a project, I know that if I call on Onur, I will get the right part at a great price and in a timely manner. I do not have to waste time at the expensive dealer, who often does not know much about my aging truck. I also do not have to spend time with endless drop-down menus trying to find parts hidden deep within a website. Using Onur saves me time, money, and frustration. He is a real person, with real knowledge. He provides old school service with modern convenience.

Cameron Mosley '85 V8J60 Memphis, TN